Nettle Rosemary Hair Tonic

It may seem a bit odd pouring what is essentially herbal tea over your head, but I’m a convert. This simple mix of nettles, rosemary, apple cider vinegar and water has added shine and body to my hair, giving it far better texture than any conditioning treatment - all without using chemicals.

My hair is much thinner than it used to be due to hypothyroidism, so am always keen for a boost. Rosemary stimulates circulation to the scalp and nettles are mineral-rich nourishment. They are also helpful herbs in fighting dandruff. The raw apple cider vinegar will help balance your hair’s pH. After using this tonic my wet hair was easy to brush, drying with more bounce than usual.

Nettle Rosemary Hair Tonic

Nettle Rosemary Hair Tonic


Let me know how you go - we all have different hair so it may suit some better than others. I use as a rinse after shampooing - no conditioner, and leave it in, massaging into my scalp a little too. In colder months if the tonic liquid feels too cold, submerge the jar in warm water to take the edge off before using.

Note to blonds - rosemary can darken hair over time with repeated/frequent usage. Substitute rosemary for chamomile if you have concerns. Chamomile works well for lighter hair as it can bring out the golden colour.



Nettle Rosemary Hair Tonic



1 x handful fresh or dried Nettles (wear gloves when harvesting nettles and prepping them)

1 x handful Rosemary Sprigs

50ml organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Aspalls as it is a local Suffolk company)

1 L boiling water

2L kilner jar or similar


  1. Mix a handful of fresh nettles and a handful of rosemary sprigs with 1L of boiling water (in your 2L jar or heat proof bowl), cover and allow to infuse until a comfortable temperature to pour on your head. I leave mine covered overnight for greater potency but you don’t need to. Can be used straight away if desired. See note below on jar safety.

  2. Strain out the herbs and add 50ml of raw apple cider vinegar. Watch the alchemy as the colour changes!

  3. Apply as a final rinse after washing with shampoo. Just tip your head back and pour. The vinegar may sting a little if it gets in your eyes. If so just splash with water. No need to wash out tonic - don’t worry you won’t smell of vinegar once it dries. Style hair as normal.

  4. This is not a tonic to store. Use as a one off treatment same day, or day after infusion.

    A note on boiling water and glass jars! Don’t pour boiling water straight into glass jar and put the lid on as may break. Either use pyrex bowl or similar for infusion, or allow water to cool for a minute or two before pouring into jar with herbs. Also use a plate to cover rather than clamping the lid on (just to be on safe side).