Summer Herbal Honey Salt Scrub

Sadly I inherited my Dad’s feet, not my Mum’s little dainty ones. They need a bit of extra TLC to look acceptable in the summer and this scrub is a great help! Salt scrubs are abrasive so great to use on stubborn areas of dry skin like soles of feet, elbows and knees for a bit of a polish. They are also an easy way of incorporating more nourishing summer herbs into your self-care and beauty routine. This one is packed full of fragrant flowers - dried rose, chamomile, lavender and linden blossom from lime trees (aka Limeflower or Tilia sp. NOT the citrus kind!) UK native linden trees are planted in a lot of our cities including London.

Chamomile is a top skin herb, calming and anti-inflammatory. Rose has a cooling, calming effect on skin. Lavender is also calming and soothing and linden is a wonderful relaxer.

Aside from the linden they are all easy to grow yourself, and linden trees are easy to find in flower this time of year. Just make sure you identify properly so you know what you’re picking. If you’re picking fresh herbs you will need to dry them first for this scrub as this extends the shelf life. If you have a drying screen or wrack then great. If not, hang in small bunches from the ceiling or simply lay out blooms on a plate - just make sure it is somewhere with good airflow away from damp corners or excessive sunlight. For roses separate the petals first.

All the ingredients are chosen to nourish your skin - sea salts are full of trace minerals that detoxify, and raw honey is anti-bacterial as well as well as creating a glow with its moisturising properties.

Don’t forget these make great gifts (especially for friends with well trodden feet!)


A few words of warning. Only use this scrub on rough areas - never on your face or more delicate skin. Sugar scrubs are more gentle and you could substitute the salt for a good quality unrefined/natural sugar if you’d rather. Don’t get the salt into any cuts as it will sting like hell! Only use once a week as you don’t want to over-scrub yourself and make areas sore. Finally be aware that the oil makes the bath or shower slippery.



Herbal honey sea salt scrub

Makes 1 x 0.5L Jar

100g Coarse Sea Salt (I use Cornish Sea Salt. Celtic Sea Salt would work well too. Whatever is more local to you.)

100g Epsom Salts broken up slightly in blender or pestle and mortar

18g Dried herbs broken up in blender e.g. a mix of chamomile, rose, lavender, linden blossom

125ml Organic Sunflower Oil OR base oil of choice e.g. olive, sweet almond

1.5 tbsp Raw runny honey

1 tsp Lemon zest

20 Drops rose geranium oil


·       Put your chosen herbs in a food processor or blender and pulse to gently break the flower heads/blossoms into smaller pieces. You can also use pre-powdered herbs if desired. (I buy organic dried herbs from the Organic Herb Trading Company. Other suppliers include Neil’s Yard and Baldwins.)

·       Do the same with Epsom salts if crystals are large, or break up in Pestle and Mortar.

·       Place the salt and flowers in a bowl.

·       Add the base oil and essential oil.

·       Add the honey and zest

·       Stir well to combine ingredients.

·       If you feel you need to add more oil don’t be afraid to make it the consistency you like.

·       Spoon your scrub into jars or containers and label with date and ingredients. (I buy my jars from Salt is a preservative

·       Please note that scrubs will make the shower or tub slippery because of the oil content. The herbs may also clog your plug hole unless you blend them finely, so make sure you break them down well in the pestle or blender first.

If you are pregnant or have a health condition, always check with a medical herbalist before using herbs.