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Plant Spotlight - Dandelion

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to harvest Dandelion flowers. My morning dog walk takes me through a meadow, away from the sprayed wheat and bean fields that is full of golden blooms. The flowers only open when the sun is out so can easily elude you, and as there have been many dull mornings of late I’ve been biding my time. I pounced for a short window on Friday morning. The dogs are getting used to plant related interruptions on walks.

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Plant Spotlight - Primrose

We should all grow more primroses. Native to Britain, nothing heralds spring to me more than their arrival. Tucked into hedgerows, banks and woodland edges, their pale yellow flowers are a hopeful sight. They have been attracting hoards of sun-dazzled bees in my garden this weekend. This is an edible flower that actually have real flavour! They smell and taste like the delicious sweetness of spring.  For this reason they are perfect in wild salads, coupled with daises, sweet violets and sorrel leaves. Or used as flavourful decoration in all manner of dishes.

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