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Summer Herbal Honey Salt Scrub

Sadly I inherited my Dad’s feet, not my Mum’s little dainty ones. They need a bit of extra TLC to look acceptable in the summer and this scrub is a great help! Salt scrubs are abrasive, so great to use on stubborn areas of dry skin like soles of feet, elbows and knees for a bit of a polish. They are also an easy way of incorporating more nourishing summer herbs into your self-care and beauty routine.

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Coconut Calendula Salve

This was the first salve I ever attempted as it is so easy, and is still my favourite. Calendula is a great herb for numerous skin complaints, with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Think stings, wounds, burns, eczema, cracked nipples or just tired old gardener’s hands like mine!

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