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April Sow Off

This is the month to pack your greenhouse and window sills with seedlings. There’s also a big selection of crops to sow direct outside, and no doubt lots of potting on to do if you have sown your tomatoes already. I’ve been potting on mine this week.

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Nettles = Fine Fettle

If you go down to the woods today…you’ll be lucky if you find any bloody Wild Garlic, but nettles (Urtica dioica) will be abundant. Instagram is dripping with Wild Garlic shots at the moment – every scroll reminds me of what I can’t find! Living in Cornwall I had it on my doorstep, and even in the centre of Oxford there was a magic spot in a churchyard that provided (the ‘bonemeal’ fertiliser must have helped…). But so far in Suffolk it’s alluding me. If you’re like me and it’s giving you the slip, set your sights on nettles. You won’t have to look far.

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Know Your Seed

Every time I open a packet of seeds, I’m in awe of the transformation about to unfurl. I’ve always felt compelled to grow my garden from seed. I enjoy the mothering - nurturing that helpless little seedling into adulthood. Of course it is more time consuming than buying ready grown plug plants, but who said there needs to be shortcuts in everything we do. The act of home gardening should be unrushed and a valuable lesson in patience.

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